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Box Blade Attachment

The Bobcat box blade is available in two models: the 84-inch box blade and the 84-inch laser box blade. The laser box blade comes standard with a fully integrated laser control system. The laser box blade has a grade accuracy of +/- .25 inches and is designed for the precise grading required for most flatwork applications. For jobsite preparation, use the box blade without the laser engaged to fill in low spots and carry material to bring the surface close to grade, then use the laser to complete the final grade. The box blade without the laser is designed for rough grading and landscaping applications. It is operated with switches mounted on the loader's steering levers for fingertip control of the blade raise-and-lower function. Both heavy-duty box blades have a reversible cutting edge, grading width of 84 inches and come standard with foam-filled tires for added flotation.


  • Foam-filled tires.
  • Fingertip control of blade raising and lowering function.