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Brush Saw

The Bobcat? brush saw attachment is the quick, convenient way to remove unwanted brush and small trees up to 15 feet tall. It's ideal for cutting firebreaks, clearing pastures and grasslands, and cleaning road and utility line right-of-ways.

How Does it work?

The counter clockwise blade of the brush saw moves at a speed of 2985 ft/min cutting the brush, trees and saplings just below the ground to prevent stumps.

Features and benefits

  • The high-tensile steel blade has replaceable weld-on carbide-tipped teeth.
  • A high torque, low speed motor is used to increase the efficiency of the saw decreasing the possibility of stalling while in the cut creating less hassel while working with the saw and taking up less time for the job. The saw is designed for standard-flow loaders and is not approved for use on high flow machines.
  • Steel deflector shields protect operator and loader from flying debris.

Operating Tips

  • For optimal operator line of sight manually set the boom in one of three positions: center or 12 degrees right or left.
  • The blade rotates counter clockwise, discharging clippings to the left, away from the loader. If you utilize the boom offset to the left this enables the operator to cut beyond the left side of the saw mounting frame.