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Brushcat Rotary Cutter Attachment

Handle your tough brush-clearing applications easily with the BrushcatTM rotary cutter. It mulches small branches and saplings - up to 3 inches in diameter - and cuts through the thickest grass and brush. Its powerful blades provide an excellent cutting and mulching action while maintaining the proper power-to-blade ratio. The Brushcat rotary cutter is ideal for clearing undeveloped property, construction sites, power line access roads, trails, ditches, and more.

How Does it Work?

The rotary cutter operates traveling both in forward and reverse. Front rollers on all models allow the attachment to traverse uneven terrain with minimal skips.

Features and benefits

  • Velocity fuse safeguards hydraulic system- If the hydraulic capacity of the motor is exceeded, the velocity fuse-installed on most Brushcat rotary cutter models-will shut off the hydraulic flow to the cutter and limit potential damage to the system.
  • Flotation linkage allows the deck to float over ground contours, keeping it in contact with the surface for optimum performance.
  • Hydraulic pressure gauge indicates operating pressure of loader- A hydraulic pressure gauge, located on the rotary cutter and visible from the operator seat, indicates the operating pressure range of the loader. The pressure gauge ranges are signified by green, yellow, and red color codes-allowing operators to monitor and maintain optimal carrier travel speed and improving efficiency.
  • Patented blade shutoff- The device stops blade rotation when the roatary cutter is raised off the ground.
  • Double-edged blades provide increased blade life- Double-edge blades provide bidirectional cutter rotation to increase blade life. This is achieved by switching the hydraulic hoses at the drive motor.
  • Hydraulic drive eliminates shear pins and drive clutches- The hydraulic drive dampens impact loads and eliminates the need for shear pins or drive cluthes.
  • Easy-to-open top cover allows instant access to the drive components and maintenance areas.
  • Bob-Tach Mounting System- The Brushcat rotary cutter can easily be connected and disconnected by means of the Bob-Tach mounting system (usually in 1 minute or less).
  • Meets SAE and ASAE standards- Bobcat Brushcat rotary cutters comply with SAE J232 and ASAE S483 standards for industrial rotary cutters.
  • Standard equipped front rollers allow attachment to better traverse uneven terrain while reducing operator fatigue.

Operating Tips

  • Attachment comes in five models with varying auxillary hydraulic flow capabilities to accommodate loaders with hydraulic flows ranging from 15 to 40 gpm.
  • The Brushcat can be operated traveling both forward and in reverse. Mulching action is at its peak when travaling in both directions.
  • With the Bob-Tach rolled back slightly, the unique free-floating deck keeps a consistent cutting height on uneven terrain. Without this feature, other skid-steer rotary cutters are prone to scalping and uneven cutting.