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Dozer Blade Attachment

Turn your loader into a mini crawler with a Bobcat Dozer Blade. A Bobcat loader combined with a Bobcat dozer blade attachment will easily compete with smaller crawler dozers in loose material; accomplishing jobs that would otherwise require dedicated equipment. The dozer attachment is ideally suited for leveling, piling or grading loose dirt, gravel or sand. Use it to backfill around foundations, fill trenches, create runoff grades and sculpt landscape areas. The 68 in. through 96 in. models feature fingertip control of the dozer's six-way adjustable blade. The exceptionally strong cast design of the 96 in. dozer will handle the toughest applications; when combined with the tractive effort of a Bobcat compact track loader you have a dozing machine. The 48-inch utility blade features hydraulic angle.


  • Adjustable depth guides.
  • Blade angles +/- 30 degrees.