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Dumping Hopper

The dumping hopper attachment can be parked and loaded with debris, and is also ideal for transporting sand, gravel, cement, topsoil and other bulk materials around any jobsite. Use the dumping hopper where trucks can't go, like backyards or buildings! The dumping hopper mounts easily on a Bobcat loader and can be transported, detached and parked wherever it is needed - even in confined spaces. The large-capacity hopper is easy to fill with a skid-steer loader, compact excavator, or by hand. It empties quickly and easily, saving you time by reducing trips back and forth to a dumpsite or receiving truck.

The dumping hopper is a valuable attachment for landscaping, construction, renovation and demolition tasks, and is a labor saver for municipalities, golf courses and resort hotels.

How does it work?

Simply park it, load it, and dump it! Once full, re-attach the dumping hopper to your loader, transport it where its contents are needed, and dump it. The Bob-Tach mounting system allows the dumping hopper to tip forward and empty itself simply by raising the lift arms and rolling out the Bob-Tach.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Model 25 dumping hopper's front straddle beam is supported by two caster wheels with flotation tires and oscillates in either direction to accommodate the uneven ground conditions typically found on many jobsites. The Model 10 dumping hopper has a single caster wheel with flotation tire.
  • The hopper's inside surface is flat and smooth to prevent material from sticking when dumping a load.
  • The bottom plate has pre-drilled holes to evacuate rainwater.

Operating Tips:

To dump the hopper, raise the loader's lift arms and roll out the Bob-Tach while keeping the front caster wheels on the ground.