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Grader Attachment

Turn your Bobcat loader into a high-performance grading machine. The grader was designed for use by landscaping, asphalt, curb and gutter and concrete flatwork contractors. Features 7, 8, or 9-foot six-way hydraulically controlled moldboards, operated with switches mounted on the loader's steering levers for precise fingertip control. It provides a long wheelbase to achieve consistent grade with ease.

How does it work?

Bobcat graders have blades that move six different ways to grade any surface. The heavy-duty graders include a hydraulic side shift, which moves the blade as much as 13 inches to the left or right, making it easier to grade next to buildings, poles and other obstacles.

A proportional hydraulic valve provides three speeds at which the moldboard is raised or lowered so operation is more closely matched to the speed of the loader. The longer the operator presses the button that controls the valve, the faster the moldboard moves. It also is able to provide smoother operation and quicker reaction of the grader when used with a laser control system. With the laser system, the farther the blade is from grade, the more quickly it will move to grade.

The front bolster on the graders oscillates 12 degrees to the right or left to minimize the effect of uneven ground and how much and how quickly the blade needs to respond while grading. The tires on the bolster provide excellent flotation to keep the grader moving smoothly over the work area.

A dirt shield has been mounted over the moldboard to keep material pushing forward instead of coming over the top of the grader. The cutting edge of the moldboard is reversible, and when the edge wears out, it can be flipped over to provide a fresh cutting blade. A bolt-on end wing kit is available to turn the grader into a box blade. This kit gives the grader two different functions, eliminating the need for an additional attachment.


  • Proportional control valve, electric- over- hydraulic. Multiple speeds raise/lower allows for small adjustments when fine grading or faster adjustments during higher speed and rough grading.
  • Smooth, precise laser adjustments.
  • High-speed raise/lower with selectable joystick control equipped machines.
  • Flotation tires and oscillating bolster. See photo below for a visual.
  • Moldboard side-shift allows for either a 6 or 12 inch left or right manual on the 84" model and up to 13 inches on the left or right hydraulic adjustment on the 96" and 108" models.
  • Box blade end-wing kit helps to carry more material when fine grading or spreading materials such as sand or gravel.
  • The grader is laser-ready with bolt-on poles and plug-in receivers.

Operating Tips:

When using a skid-steer loader, tilt the Bob-Tach forward to maintain 2-4 inches of clearance between the bottom of the front wheels and the ground. This creates a longer wheelbase to help achieve a smoother grade.

When using on compact track loaders, tilt the Bob-Tach slightly forward to make the front of the tracks "light". This helps achieve a smoother grade while still utilizing the full tractive effort of the loader.

Optional laser system automatically moves the blade up or down to keep the base material exactly on-grade.