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Landplane - Basic and Deluxe

Turn your skid-steer loader into a powerful land-planing tool with the Bobcat? landplane attachment. A wide 79-inch-by-51.5-inch planing surface makes it easy to break up hard ground, eliminate soil clods, move materials around your work site, sift soil to remove large rocks and more. The versatile landplane works in both forward and reverse, making it one smooth operator.


  • Allows controlled grading and leveling in both forward and reverse directions.
  • Can be used like a bucket to transport material on site.
  • Peels and removes sod.
  • Bi-directional scarifier breaks up hard ground (Deluxe model).
  • Sorts unwanted debris from soil.
  • Pulverizes soil clods.
  • Aerates soil for seeding and sodding.
  • Bob-TachTM mounted.
  • Bi-directional operation.
  • Removable screen.
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