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Laser Equipment


The Bobcat? automatic laser system can now save money on materials, time, and labor. Just one operator can eliminate the use of grade rods and transits or lasers to continually check grading progress, and do the work of an entire survey crew. Notice dramatic production gains and reduction in operator fatigue as the operator no longer needs to manually control blade height.

Laser transmitters, along with hand-held laser receivers can quickly help determine the amount of material that needs to be added or removed from the site.


 A laser transmitter is mounted on a tripod on the jobsite. The transmitter provides a 360 degree plane of reference at a set elevation and slope. Laser receiver(s) mounted on a mast attached to the box blade or grader attachment captures the light from the laser transmitter. In manual mode the receivers inform the operator via LED lights that the blade needs to move up or down or that the blade is on grade. In automatic mode, the receiver informs the blade that it needs to move up or down to stay on grade. The box blade has one receiver mounted in the middle that moves the entire blade up or down. The grader has two receivers so each side of the blade will adjust independently.


Bobcat offers laser transmitters that will transmit flat, single slope or dual slope (often called a compound grade) functionality. The box blade and grader work equally well on flat and single slopes. The grader provides more functionality for compound grades because each side of the blade operates independently.


  • The box blade and grader both offer manual or automatic blade control.
  • Fingertip controls are mounted on the loader's steering levers and provide quick access to make elevation changes or turn the automatic function on and off.
  • Automatic laser control provides less operator input, better accuracy, less operator fatigue and faster travel speed.
  • Automatic Bobcat laser control system allows for maximum ease of use and superior production.
  • Laser receivers provide visible indication of where the blade is relative to the ground.
  • Eliminates the need for a survey crew or multiple grade stakes on the site.
  • Quickly attach and remove the box blade or grader to use the loader for other tasks around the jobsite.
  • Compact package easily maneuvers inside buildings and around obstacles.

"Before we had this system, it would take eight man-days to grade a tennis court. Now we can do it in two man-days, and it produces a flatter, more uniform surface for the courts," states Basil Rissolo of Basil Rissolo Company, Inc.

"With the laser system, one operator can grade in a day what it would take us two to three days, or sometimes more, to grade using two people with hand surveying techniques," states Linn Lower, of Lower Bros Co.

"Our laser grading system is fantastic. It saves the city some major capital expenses," says Dudley Jones from City of Springfield, MO.

"The quality of our floors has gone up tremendously. When we tell a customer the floor is 5 inches thick, its exactly 5 inches thick," says Ferrel Nachatelo, of Nachatelo Construction.


The Bobcat grader attachment , designed for use in landscaping, asphalt, curb and gutter and concrete flatwork, features a seven-foot, six-way hydraulically controlled moldboard operated with switches mounted on the loader's steering levers for precise fingertip control. Each side of the blade adjusts independently so you can drive up, down or across a slope.


A more economical option, the laser box blade incorporates end wings to help carry spoil. The box blade attachment features elevation control only; travel up and down slopes to get accurate results.


The CR600 can be hand-held, rod-mounted or mounted to a machine using the included magnetic mount. It is an indicate-only receiver and is equipped with a 270-degree signal range this receiver provides visible and audible alerts to inform you when you go above, below or are on grade.

The CR600 works well on excavators and backhoes to inform the operator if the trench is to grade.

As a rod-mounted unit, the CR600 can be used to check grade and elevation, measure cut and fill, and check vertical alignment.


Bobcat offers three laser transmitters, one single slope model and two dual slope models, each model includes a hand-held laser receiver. All models feature two-way radio remote control to allow adjustments from across the jobsite or from within the machine. All laser transmitters also offer temperature compensation, ensuring the laser beam stays accurate throughout the day as temperatures change.

Accuracy on the jobsite is critical to you and your company. A quality laser transmitter will provide high accuracy and the features you are looking for. Contact your Bobcat dealer for more information.