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The Bobcat? mower attachment is recommended for rough-cut applications, including road ditch right-of-way, golf course roughs and large acreage mowing. It's ideal for landscape contractors, nurseries, golf courses, municipalities, hobby farmers, large-lot and rural homeowners.

How Does it Work?:

Designed with a front mount, the Bobcat mower attachment eliminates driving over the grass before cutting and provides excellent visibility to the work area. The rear discharge disperses grass clippings under the carrier, away from buildings, trees and fences. The caster wheels can be raised or lowered to adjust the cutting height which ranges from 2 to 5.5 inches and is adjustable in half-inch increments.

Features and benefits

  • Three overlapping blades for clean cutting with no skips.
  • Safety shut-off is incorporated into the attachment frame and turns off blade rotation if the mower exceeds 8.5 inches of vertical travel.
  • Cutting blades elevate the grass to provide better mulching capability.
  • The caster wheels combined with a unique attachment frame allows the mower to oscillate independently of the loader, providing a floating deck to better follow uneven terrain.
  • Two off-center bolts are placed on the blades to help reduce the torque created on these bolts from the blade rotation.
  • Direct-drive hydraulic motor powers a single V-belt.
  • Anti-scalping wheel is standard on all models.

Operating Tips

  • The deck bracing is located on the top of the mower to allow for a smooth bottom allowing improved air and material flow.
  • To accommodate for all jobs, add the additional side-discharge and mulching kit to your mower.