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Silt Fence Installer

Increase your productivity by installing thousands of feet of silt fence fabric per hour and avoid costly governmental fines and project shutdowns. It's the fastest, easiest and most economical way to install silt fence for residential, commercial, industrial or highway projects. The silt fence installer attachment is now available and approved for use on S220-S300, T180-T300 and A300 loaders and tractors up to 100 hp with Class I or Class II three-point hitch. The silt fence installer works with 36-inch, 42-inch or 48-inch silt fence. Minor modifications are required to adjust the roll holder for a different size.

How it works:

First the silt fence is threaded under a rod and through the chute on the blade, then installer can then be lowered into the ground and the silt fence unrolls automatically as the machine is driven backwards. A quick change cap that mounts on the end of the silt fence holder includes a spring loaded plate that ensures proper tension on the roll so it will not unwind accidentally.

Mounting options:

  • Rigid mounted loader frame: Positions the installer blade at the centerline and will attach to loaders only.
  • 3-point rigid mounting frame: Positions the installer in the midline of the attachment. This option with the 3-point to Bob-Tach adapter will be a good economical choice for most contractors that may have compact tractors and compact loaders on the job. (Note: A Bob-Tach to 3-point adapter must be used to attach to loaders.)
  • 72-inch side-shift frame or 84-inch side-shift frame: Can mount the installer blade in multiple positions across the frame width. The side-shift function is accomplished manually. Mount in the center to keep inline with the middle of the machine. Side-shift slightly to provide better visibility to the installer blade. Lastly, side-shift the blade completely to clear the machine track or tire width and get close to obstacles. (Note: A Bob-Tach to 3-point adapter must be used to attach to loaders.)

A hydraulic top-link kit is also available with the silt fence installer. This hydraulic cylinder replaces the top link of the 3-point on a tractor. Remote hydraulics on the tractor allow the operator to change the angle of the attachment quickly from the seat. This accessory is highly recommended for use on tractors to ensure the bottom of the blade can be rotated upwards in order to have enough ground clearance when the attachment is not in use.