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Snow Blade Attachment

A double-action cylinder angles the blade 30 degrees to the left or right. Angling the blade is controlled from the cab by a fingertip control, which allows the operator to adjust the blade without removing hands from the loader steering levers. The blade oscillates five degrees to keep in contact with the surface, preventing the need for multiple passes to clear snow. Damage to snow blade components is prevented by the torsion spring trip edge should the snow blade come in contact with sections of raised concrete on sidewalks or other obstructions. The box-style mainframe is a heavy-duty and durable design that will keep the snow blade working, especially when used on large-frame loaders. Most snow is cleared at night or in the early morning, when it is dark. For this reason, Bobcat has painted the snow blades orange so they are more easily seen by the operator. Optional features include rubber or polyurethane cutting edges and end-wing kits. The end-wing kits make the attachment more versatile by allowing the snow blade to also be used as a snow pusher.


  • Moldboard that angles right or left up to 30 degrees.
  • Eight models available.
  • Adjustable depth shoes.
  • Strong, long-lasting cutting edge.
  • Rubber-cutting edges available.