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Sprayer Attachment

Famous Bobcat toughness and dependability are built into this rugged attachment. The Bobcat sprayer is manufactured to fit the versatile ToolcatTM utility work machine and Bobcat utility vehicles. The sprayers are designed for chemical applications ranging from spot spraying for weed control to broadcast spraying of liquid fertilizer and chemicals. Markets include small to moderate acreage spraying of lawns, parks, pastures, road right-of-ways, golf courses and snow and ice removal with many of today's liquid ice melting solutions. All sprayer tank components are mounted to a formed steel skid-frame, which is fastened to the bed of the machines by drilling holes in the tailgate and securing with bolts. Sprayer flow is controlled by a pump on/off switch conveniently mounted in the console of the Toolcat machine, or within easy reach on front of the skid for utility vehicles. The spring loaded boom wings break away horizontally (fore and aft) and vertically to help protect the boom on rough terrain or in case an obstacle is struck. This also allows the boom wings to be manually folded when not in use. The four-nozzle boom on the 50-gallon sprayer unfolds to a 10-foot width to quickly cover large areas. A 75-gallon model with a 21-foot boom is available for the Toolcat 5600.


  • Boom height adjusts to match height of vegetation.
  • Hand wand makes easy work of spot spraying.