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Spreader Attachment

Make your spreading jobs easier with the Bobcat? spreader attachment. Load the 5.75 cubic foot hopper from the back of a dump truck, and spread virtually any dry, free-flowing granular material quickly and easily. Need to spread sand and salt for winter maintenance? Or seed and fertilizer for lawn care? Whatever the job, the Bobcat spreader gets it done right. The Bobcat spreader provides the versatility you've come to expect from the Bobcat name. A weather-tight, variable speed 12-volt DC motor allows the operator to vary spreading patterns from 4 to 40 feet. Spinner wheel rpm is regulated from the operator's seat by a rotary dial mounted in the loader cab. And an optional truck mounting kit even allows you to mount the spreader to a pickup truck, instead of a skid-steer loader, if you prefer. Use your Bobcat loader for lawn care and winter maintenance. The SP5 spreader is great for seeding and fertilizing or for spreading sand and salt on driveways, alleys and parking lots. It features 5.75-cubic-foot capacity hopper, weather-tight motor enclosure and spreads from 4 to 40 feet. Equip your utility work machine to spread sand and salt with the SP12 spreader attachment. With a 1/2-cubic-yard capacity hopper, the all-poly unit mounts in the cargo box. A dash-mounted control adjusts auger and spinner to spread material from 5 to 40 feet.