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Tilt-Tatch Attachment

Get more work out of your Bobcat? attachments with the Bobcat Tilt-Tatch. This revolutionary attachment mounts between the loader and non-hydraulic Bobcat attachments, allowing you to rotate your attachments 15 degrees in either direction. Level out slanted terrain and dig trenches with the help of the Bobcat Tilt-Tatch attachment - a must for any landscaping or construction site.


  • Tilt-Tatch connects as an interface between the Bob-TachTM and attachment.
  • Oscillates right or left 15 degrees from center.
  • Hydraulically controlled from loader seat
  • Keep load level on uneven terrain.
  • Cut level path out of side hill.
  • Dig drainage ditches with the corner of the bucket.
  • Backed by Bobcat warranty and worldwide parts and service support.