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Tree Fork Attachment

With the Tree Fork attachment from Bobcat Company, you will never have to worry about manual labor when transporting trees, rocks, and other odd-shaped objects again. The tree fork attachment is able to carry over 200 pounds of material so you don't have to!

The Bobcat tree fork attachment is ideal for landscapers and nurseries that must frequently transport balled, potted and burlap-covered trees and decorative landscape rock, or any contractor who must move heavy, odd-shaped objects. Instead of lifting and moving these materials by hand, the tree fork attachment quickly and easily takes care of the task without the need for manual labor.

The attachment is approved for use on the Bobcat MT52, MT55, S70 and S100 loaders. Operators can quickly attach the tree fork using the Bob-TachTM mounting system, a feature that comes standard on Bobcat loaders. The loader's rated operating capacity determines the weight that the tree fork attachment can lift and carry.

Features and Benefits

  • Stationary right arm that can be mounted in two positions for optimizing the size of objects the tree fork attachment can transport.
  • Left arm opens and closes via a hydraulic cylinder, enabling the attachment to carry objects between 7-inches and 36-inches wide.
  • The construction of the frame protects the hydraulic cylinder when handling large trees, rock and other objects.
  • Angled pads on the attachment arms help grasp the object as well as support it from the bottom.
  • A relief valve prevents the attachment from over-squeezing and damaging the fragile root systems of balled and burlap-covered trees.