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Tree Spade Attachment

The rugged, dependable tree spade attachment turns your Bobcat loader into a tree transplanting unit - and lets you speed production and cut labor costs at the same time! The tree spade is simple to operate and easy to maneuver. A tree can be dug, transplanted, or placed in a basket without the operator ever having to leave the Bobcat loader. With compact, short tower designs that squeeze between closely planted trees, the Bobcat tree spade is designed for efficiency and economical operations sure to get the job done right.

The tree spades are available in five sizes-- 24, 28, 32, 36, or 44 inches. Bobcat Company consulted with key tree industry suppliers to ensure that these sizes would fit standard industry baskets. All sizes are available in truncated, modified and cone blade configurations, except the 44 inch tree spade, which is available in the modified and cone blade configurations. These choices give contractors the ability to select the right tree spade attachment for their machine and application.

Bobcat offers two valve options for the tree spade attachments, 7-pin Attachment Control Device (ACD) or convertible valve. The 7-pin ACD valve allows the operator to perform the functions of the tree spade by using fingertip control on the steering levers of the Bobcat. The convertible valve option makes it possible to operate the tree spade with the use of the fingertip control on the steering levers or by using a pendant control box. The versatility of the convertible valve allows the tree spade to be operated on other brands of skid steer loaders as well as Bobcat loaders or if the customer has a preference to use this style of control.

Curb PlanerThe truncated blade configuration has a 22 degree tower angle that provides a better stand of the tree when placed in a basket. Truncated blades are best for use in loamy soils. On loamy to sandy soils, the modified blade configuration works best. Bobcat modified blades have a tower angle of 25 degrees which allows the tree to be placed in baskets. The cone blade configuration is most often used to pick trees up and then transport and place them. This blade configuration can also be used to place trees in baskets and it typically works best in sandy soils.

How it works
Using the loader tilt function, tilt the tree spade as needed until the tree spade level light illuminated indicating the tree spade is positioned correctly. It is important to remember to not open or close the gate until the blades are fully raised. Damage to the tree spade could occur.

Curb Planer In order to transplant a tree, move the loader and tree spade to the tree and open the gate completely and position the tree spade around the tree, centering the tree in the tree spade and close the gates. Take note the stabilizer is required, so next raise the loaders front wheels off the ground by lowering the lift arms. Then lower the rear stabilizers until the loader is in a level position. With the tree spade level, the gate fully closed and the loader positioned with the rear stabilizers, you are ready to start digging.

Helpful Hint: Blade penetration may vary in different soil conditions. As soon as the blade starts to raise the tree spade off the ground, raise the blade slightly to remove pressure and continue to the next digging blade. Allowing the tree spade frame to remain on the ground during digging will always produce a quality root ball.

Feature and Benefits
  • Truncated, modified and cone blade configurations available in sizes of 24, 28, 32 and 36 inches in order to provide a wide variety of blades for any job opportunity.
  • Modified and cone configurations available for 44-inch tree spade.
  • The 24 and 28 inch tree spades feature an outside frame design in order to provide a wider space for the tree.
  • The 32, 36, and 44 inch tree spades feature an inside frame design.
  • Two valve styles available, 7-pin ACD and convertible.
  • Adjustable legs allow for digging five different root-ball sizes with one tree spade.
  • Overlapping blades ensure clean root cutting and support of the root ball.
  • The clean, compact design allows operators to position the Bobcat tree spade attachment in confined areas without damaging nearby trees.
  • Perfect for nurseries, landscapers, Christmas tree farmers, parks and municipalities.
  • A skid-steer mounted tree spade is much more mobile and productive than tractor or trailer model tree spades.
  • Bobcat Orange color added for better visibility when digging.
  • The open frame design provides excellent visibility to the base of the tree.