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Trencher Attachment

Tackle tough trenching jobs with Bobcat? trencher attachments, designed and built specifically for Bobcat loaders. That means reliable, cost-effective production as well as Bobcat warranty, parts and service support. With 2- and 3-foot dig depths, the LT112, LT113 and LT213 are ideal for light-to-medium trenching jobs. The LT313, with its 3- or 4-foot dig depth, can easily handle medium-to-high production trenching. The LT112, LT113, LT213 and LT313 models feature manual side-shift with an optional hydraulic side-shift available on the LT213 and LT313. The LT405, with a 4- or 5-foot dig depth, is a high-production trencher for use on Bobcat loaders with high-flow capability. For contractors needing a high-flow trencher with a 4- or 5-foot dig depth to tackle tough trenching jobs, they can now choose the LT414 trencher. The new Bobcat LT414 trencher attachment models feature a 4- or 5-foot dig depth and are approved for operation on various Bobcat compact loaders with a high-flow auxiliary hydraulic system. The LT414 expands the Bobcat trencher attachment line, which includes the MX112, LT112, LT213, LT313, and LT405.


  • The new LT414 provides an additional option to contractors needing a trencher with high-flow performance, but that doesn't require the heavy-duty capabilities of the LT405.
  • The LT414 is ideal for medium - to high-production trenching applications such as utility installation projects
  • The trencher features a larger diameter auger with a tapered design that removes more material from the side of the trench, limiting the amount of spoil falling back into the trench.