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Vibratory Plow Attachment

Designed for use with Bobcat MT50 and MT52 mini track loaders, the VP12 vibratory plow is the ideal tool for installing flexible pipe and utility cable in the ground. Applications include constructing new sprinkler systems and placing telephone, TV cable and electrical wire. The VP12 pulls up to 1 1/2-inch diameter pipe and cable/wire 6 to 18 inches below ground while keeping ground disturbance to a minimum. This is possible because of the attachment's removable pressure foot and coulter wheel. The coulter wheel cuts sod just in front of the blade, while the pressure foot holds down surface material as the blade cycles up and down. The result is a narrow, knife-like slit that almost disappears as the cut is walked on or driven over by the machine. You can also feed wire directly into the trench using the option wire reel carrier and chute blade combination.


  • Pulls up to 1.5-inch diameter pipe, cable and wire.
  • Standard coulter wheel cuts through sod ahead of the blade.
  • Removable pressure foot dramatically reduces turf tearing and rework.