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Bob-Tach Backhoe Attachment

What makes the Bob-TachTM backhoe unique is its ability to swing the dipper left or right 48 degrees. That means the operator doesn't have to skid the loader to dump the spoil, as necessary with some low-cost mini-hoe attachments. This convenient feature not only makes the operation of the backhoe more efficient, it also means less ground disturbance. Unlike most standard backhoe attachments for loaders, the Bob-Tach backhoe doesn't require a mounting kit or stabilizers. Instead, it mounts directly to the loader with the fast, easy-to-use Bob-Tach mounting system. Cost-effective and convenient, the Bob-Tach backhoe is designed as a moneysaving option for rental, landscaping, nurseries, sewage system and septic tank contractors, water and power line contractors, and electrical contractors.

The stabilizer option improves digging capability of your backhoe attachment by transferring the weight of your Bobcat loader to the attachment. Street pads protect sensitive surfaces from damage and grouser bars help keep the loader from being pulled toward the work area.