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Bobcat T630 Compact Track Loader

The Bobcat® T630 compact track loader is part of the M-Series. Get top productivity and extend your working season with the T630. The radius lift path gives you maximum forward reach at flatbed truck height for a variety of grading, digging, trenching and backfilling jobs. With the optional pressurized cab, you'll work in extreme comfort and get improved visibility of your working area. M-Series models deliver unequaled digging and pushing power, combined with the most available attachments in the industry. Equip your new T630 with the optional Roller SuspensionTM system that increases operator comfort without sacrificing durability.


Pressurized Interior: Keeps you clean and comfortable by reducing dirt and dust in the machine interior; one-piece pressure seal engages the entire door to create a curved door pocket and the best-in-class pressurized interior.

Cab-Forward Design: Improves all-around visibility, get better views of the work area, bucket edges, attachments, tires and sides.

Bigger Entry/Exit: Provides easier cab entry/exit through a larger cab opening and lower door threshold.

Larger Cab Size: Increases cab space by 10% to provide more room for your arms, legs, shoulders, head and feet.

All-Around Visibility: Offers improved visibility in all directions, including larger rear and top windows.

Flat Floor: Removes floor hump on track loaders for more foot space and leg room.

Improved Seat Adjustments: Accommodates different-sized operators through two additional inches of forward or aft movements.

More Seat Suspension: Increases range of up-and-down seat movements by 33% for a softer ride.

Seat-Mounted Joystick Control: Provides flexible control through seat-mounted joysticks on models with optional Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC); as the suspension seat shifts up and down, the joysticks move with the seat. Joystick mounts shift forward and backward, independent of the seat.

Air Ride Seats: Achieve optimal suspension comfort with the optional air ride seats. Riding on air suspension helps you smooth out the bumps and increases the operator comfort. The seat offers time saving features as you can customize your weight adjustment and suspension travel much faster.

Convenient Engine Speed Control: Locates the engine speed control in front of you, on the right-hand corner post of the cab.

Deluxe Instrumentation Panel: Monitors key loader functions and helps prevent machine theft; 5-inch, full-color LCD screen offers better readability and interaction, while easy-to-read virtual sweep gauges allow you to quickly read and understand operation levels.

Operator Switches: Puts important controls in front of you on the cab corner posts.

Quiet Operation: Reduces sound levels by more than 60% for increased comfort.

Door Lights: Improves cab lighting with automotive-style dome and door lights that turn on each time you enter or exit the loader.

Side Window: Pull the new window knob to slide the side window to five lockable positions; window stays exactly where you want it to get consistent airflow.

Heat and Air Conditioning: Provides easy operation with front-mounted, lighted controls; three directional ducts direct air where needed.

Rear Defrost: Defrosts the new, larger rear window with new rear air ducts.

External Mounted Window: Provides extra elbow room and faster cleaning with windows mounted on the outside of the Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS). Quickly wipe or pressure-wash the windows from the outside.

Radio Ready: Allows easy addition of stereo systems; radio features an auxiliary audio input for an MP3 player or other device.

12-Volt Power Accessory: Charges a mobile phone, MP3 player or other devices.

Convenient Cup Holders: Holds 20-oz. soda bottles, super-sized cups and coffee mugs.

Foot Well Cleaning Access: Allows easier removal of mud and debris that enters the cab through two additional cleanout holes in the foot well.


Hydraulic Performance: Outperforms existing, larger Bobcat loaders with a standard flow of 23 gpm at 3500 psi; an optional high flow system reaches 30.5 gpm for your maximum attachment needs. Improved standard flows provide an 18% increase in hydraulic horsepower.

Counterweight-Ready: Includes pre-drilled holes to easily add frame-mounted counterweights; increases lifting performance with certain attachments.

Greater Rollback: Increases bucket rollback by five degrees to dump loads faster and remove stubborn materials in the bucket.

Increased Fuel Capacity: Improves productivity by helping you work longer between fueling.

Brighter Lighting: light output by 50% through high-intensity beams that help you see farther and broader in low-light conditions.

Track System: Includes the standard, long-lasting Bobcat track system or the optional, all-steel Roller SuspensionTM system.

Uptime Protection

Efficient Cooling and Cleaning: Delivers better performance and longer machine life. Swing-up cleaning access makes it easy to remove dust and debris; simply remove a cover and push up the large aluminum oil cooler to clean between cooler and radiator.

Protected Quick-Couplers: Leaves no exposed hoses to damage; integrated, pressure-release quick couplers are mounted directly into the front plate of the lift arm.

Removable Hose Guide: Provides better auxiliary hose routing and security; slide the guide onto your hydraulic hose and clip it on the machine before operation. Clip the hose on the attachment frame when it isn't in use.

Protected Tailgate: Minimizes obstacles, scrapes and bumps with lower rear frame that extends past the tailgate.

Simple Machine Tie-Downs: Helps secure your loader faster with tie-downs that are much easier to locate and use.

Hydraulic Sight Gauge: Enables easy, quick hydraulic oil checks through a gauge that's visible as you walk by the loader.

Easier, Faster Maintenance: Makes maintenance checks go faster without laying on the ground or standing on the wheels or tracks to grease the pins.

Adjustment-Free Belts: Require no adjustments and virtually no maintenance.

Machine Shutdown Protection: Monitors engine coolant, hydraulic oil and engine oil; system provides an alert and warning message if a vital function is out of normal operating range. If the issue is severe, the machine automatically shuts down to avoid catastrophic failure.

Self Diagnostics: Simplifies troubleshooting in the field and prevents many issues before they occur.

Keyless Start: Reduces the risk of unauthorized use or theft with up to eight customizable security codes; available with Deluxe Instrumentation Panel option.

Roller SuspensionTM System: Utilizes all-steel components to increase operator comfort without sacrificing durability; optional system.