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Contaminants are the enemy of your equipment's internal systems. Poor filtration can allow contaminants to enter your internal systems causing vital parts failure and expensive repairs. Protect your investment with Bobcat quality filters that are specifically designed to provide the most sophisticated protection.Oil Filter Components

Filter components from left to right:

  • Canister: Thick, heavy-duty, coated shell prevents filter from collapsing under pressure or fatigue.
  • Spring: Presses the filter snugly into the end cap.
  • Media: Fibers in the media act as a mesh screen to block particles, while at the same time allowing the oil to pass through easily.
  • End Cap: Uses plastisol sealant to hold the media deeply embedded in the end caps
  • Anti-Drain Back Seal: Wide, one-piece seal prevents leaks and birty oil draining back into pan
  • Base Plate: Seams are fully tucked and attach the base plate to the canister for strength and durability
  • Inlet Hole:Greater number and large inlet holes broadens the oil flow into the filter
  • Base Gasket:Smooth and flexible to maintain a tight seal

Bobcat Oil Filters
Engine oil provides vital lubrication to your engine's moving parts. Keeping that oil in its best condition requires the best filtration.

  • Captures contaminants before they can cause damage to your engine
  • Spin-on thread plate for easy installation
  • Heavy-duty rounded housing dome provides superior pressure fatigue
  • Louvered center tube with a spiral lock seam to protect filter media
  • Specialized gaskets for proper inner seal between the thread plate and cartridge
Bobcat Fuel Filters
Today, fuels systems require cleaner fuel. Contaminants in your fuel can cause engine power loss and even failure.
  • Prevents pump wear and injector clogging
  • Water separator traps contaminants and removes water from fuel
  • Drain valve for easy draining
  • Built to meet the stringent specifications of new engines
  • Helps achieve better combustion and lower emissions
Hydraulic Filter FeaturesBobcat Hydraulic Filters
Highest rated filters available in a spin-on configuration.
  • Offers twice the capacity of competitive filters
  • Die cast aluminum head and a unique radial seal o-ring gasket design to eliminate leakage
  • Low-friction, high-flow synthetic filter media
  • 5-layer media
Bobcat Air Filters
Clean air is essential to keeping your engine running smoothly. Bobcat Air Filtration offers:
  • Two-stage air filtration
  • Pleatloc to keep pleats from bunching or collapsing in extreme vibration conditions
  • Pleated media maximizes filter surface area
  • Rugged inner and outer liner to protect filter media
  • Radial seal design to prevent leaks
  • Safety filter protects engine during change outs